Chestnut Center in the Bay Area

Chestnut Center in the Bay Area

The purpose of the Center is to foster an understanding of the important role women have in shaping society through their work and personal integrity. Through programs that explore the value of work in everyday life, Chestnut Center aims to inspire women and girls to become a positive influence in the world.


About Us

Chestnut Center is a non- profit organization dedicated to organizing activities for women that are held in various Northern California...



Some of Chestnut programs include: Women’s Leadership, College Connection, Clubs for Girls, Bridging Generations, Marriage & family forum



For those who are thinking of giving now is the perfect time to make the greatest impact with the apostolate!

From The Gallery

I wouldn’t trade my UC Berkeley experience for anything. The energy within the intellectual realm is contagious, and along with that comes a great yearning & responsibility to be formed in order to be an effective part of that forum. In my four years at Berkeley, I was blessed to participate in the activities at the Peralta Study Center, where I received formation that balanced my on-campus education with philosophical principles and moral truths that guide both individuals and society. I formed lifelong friendships with other women wanting to expand their knowledge while deepening their faith. In a nutshell, the center provided the food my soul needed to make my college experience whole.

– Annie, Cal Berkeley Graduate